Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bento Box - Quilt Top

I left off with the quilt in the stage where I still had to pick out my white-ish tone fabric. I was stuck between white white, off-white, or a natural color. I decided to go with off-white. I purchased some Kona Cotton Bone and cut it all out accordingly.

I finally had all of the fabric cut out for the quilt and got some piecing done this weekend.

 (Step 1: piecing 2 3x6 strips to the 6x6 square)

 (Step 2: sew the 3x11 strips on)
 (Step 3: sew the white 3x11 strips on)

(Last Step: add the 3x16 inch strips)

I have all 12 blocks pieced and ready to be turned into bento box blocks! Stay tuned for the rest of the quilt top!


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