Sunday, November 28, 2010

As promised . . .

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I am still full!

Here is an update to the Anna Maria Horner Good Folks double hourglass mug rugs (whew!) started here

The strips were pieced and ready to be cut into these beauties:

(waiting to be pressed before the final sewing)

  (all pressed)

(in the sewing queue)

 (8 fully pieced double hourglass blocks, measuring about 8.5 x 8.5)

Then, I trimmed up all of the blocks to measure about 8.25 x 8.25 inches:

 (Notice the change in pattern here? This was a major woopsie, but I ended up really liking it, so I may be doing a quilt using this pattern)

(Notice the SECOND change in pattern here? This was another "WTF, really Lauren?", but I ended up really liking it, so I may be doing a quilt using this pattern as well)

Then, I cut 9 pieces of batting to measure 9 x 9 inches (I used Warm and White 100% cotton batting):

Lastly, for today anyway, I basted the mug rugs. I used 4 pins per block and thought that was more than enough. For the backing, I used a 9 x 9 square of the Good Folks fabric on the front of the block. I forgot to get a picture of that, woops!:

Overall (so far):

I am happy with them so far. However, it does take a long time to get everything together when you are improv-ing. I should have planned better so that I only had to pull out the cutter once. I also think that I need to stop ironing so much. If I am having a quilting afternoon, I will literally have the iron on for 6 hours and be using it throughout. Maybe OCD?

What's next? Quilting and binding. I am going to practice stippling (meandering) because I have never used that stitch yet. The thought of it makes me start to sweat a little bit with fear. This should be interesting. I am also going to try machine binding. I think that these little mug rugs will be a great tool to try out stippling and machine binding. Hopefully I will have more to report soon!

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