Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bento Box - Chopping It Up

Yesterday I showed you the fabrics that I selected and my attempt at trying to be a better fabric cutter. Guess what? Mapping out all of the cutting really did work!

I kind of knew it would be a struggle to get all of my pieces out of the 1 fat quarter (an 18x21 piece of fabric). So I did a mock up of how I would cut all of the fabric pieces out:

(I know that I needed 2 3x16 pieces, 1 6x6 square, 4 3x11 pieces, and 2 3x6 pieces and that I would BARELY make it)

(Yesssss, I cut it out correctly!)

 (All of the fabrics cut out and ready to go)

(I think that the "Hot Pink Disco Flower in the middle there is my favorite. I think it should be called "Electric Pink" instead of hot pink.)

I am still unsure which shade of white to use in the quilt!! I am leaning towards a middle of the road white, what do you think? Vote on the sidebar!



  1. Pretty fabrics! Another way to go is use the fabrics with lighter values with the darker values to make each block. Not sure if that makes sense but this is how I designed my Bento box quilt.

  2. i love the polka dot fabric! can you make me something with it? :)