Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lemon Souffle

It is nooo secret that I love food! Master Chef is one of my very favorite shows and it has just started up last week and it really makes me want to cook some pretty cool things.

So .. Lemon Souffles it is! 
My in-laws were in town and we decided to try them out. My mother-in-law picked out a Martha recipe and we decided to go for it. 


I pretty much stared at the souffles as they were baking .... just watching them rise.... very patiently....

Look at them!!!!!!! Oh my GOSHHH look how high that one on the right got! That's gotta be like 2 inches.

Here was mine...I love these ramekins. I bought them for my mother-in-law for her birthday this year, and she brought them along because I don't have any. They were the perfect size. 

Hahaha I thought that this picture was realllllyyy funny. I think it was my father-in-law's idea.

Going, going ....

I loved making the souffle. It really wasn't that hard at all, as long as everything was properly prepped, that was definitely key to making these souffles happen. 

I am so happy to get another item off of the Bucket List! Check out my Flickr page for other pics and what not. Also, see my Finished Projects page for all of the things that I have knocked off of the bucket list to day.


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  1. OK this looks delicious! When are you making this for me?? lol