Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My Sweet Little Goddaughter and her momma, (my best friend / shopping accomplice), left me for their home in Germany this past weekend. Given my now sad and lonely state of mind and the fact that my house looks like an A-bomb test site, I am having a giveaway to perk up my day, and hopefully yours. 

Actually. This giveaway is really sparked by today being my 1 year Blogging Anniversary. Blogiversary?

To all of my readers out there, I present to you a few of my favorite things / new obsessions Guess what? I am giving away ALL of them! 

1) A little fat quarter pack of some Tula Pink fabric from her most recent collection called Parisville, in the Sprout colorway. (Note that there are 2 of the fabrics missing... they were on backorder and I still haven't received them! Boo...)

2) Some spices that I love from Penzey's Spices. I am giving away 4 jars of my favorite baking spices: China Tung Hing Cinnamon, East Indies Ground Nutmeg, Powdered Ginger, & Ceylon Cinnamon. They are reallyyyyyyy good. The cinnamon is amazinggg! 


3) The coveted Swoon Quilt pattern! 

4) A pair of Mark B Gone pens... yes both white and blue! 

5) A mug rug made by yours truly.  

6) A pair of Fingerless Mittens that I made last year. They are made of a great merino wool that I bought at my local yarn store.

7) Some pretty Bamboo Ewe yarn in a firey red color.

8) A pint size ball jar, because I am clearly obsessed with them and I am working on getting YOU hooked too! 

9) A cute little notebook just for fun.


In order to ENTER this giveaway, you can do a few things:
1) You can get 1 entry if you leave a comment on this post (you must leave your e-mail address so I can contact you. No e-mail address = no entry)
2) If you become a follower of this blog, you will get another entry. To become a follower, follow the links on my sidebar.
3) If you mention my blog/this giveaway in a post on your blog, you will get 10 entries! Provide a link to your post in a comment.

This giveaway will run until Sunday at 5:00 pm. A winner will be announced shortly after and your package will be ready to mail out on Monday!

Good luck.



  1. If I were to win, then no postage would be necessary :) And we could come over for a visit! You know my email addy: my name at yahoo.com

  2. Yay! For one year! Mine passed one day after I gave birth to Liam (so I was still in the hospital)! MissWhiteWall@gmail.com ;-) A. Here's my comment, B. I already follow your blog, C. There's a link on my blog to your blog, and D. I will post about your blog tonight... Congrats Lauren!

  3. wow... 1 year without receiving my previous winnings... :-P Let's hope I win this time too so you can save on shipping!

  4. Congratulations on your 1 year blogiversary. That is a major accomplishment. I follow your blog and I will definitely mention your giveaway on my blog with a link. I love all of the goodies and keeping my fingers crossed!
    Robin Bailey

  5. i am psyched out of my mind about all of the above - and i want in biotch esp since i am that 'german lady' per discussion above :) that better count still lol....ps yay for 1 whole year of blogging i swear its my favorite thing to read about since i cant be in the same country as you....
    obvi my email is patriciatift@hotmail.com
    holler back at you,
    charli's mom xoxo

  6. yay! congrats! and awesome prizes! :) raineoc@yahoo.com

  7. im a new follower :) raineoc@yahoo.com

  8. I just read through all of your blog entries. You are so talented Laur!!! I'm in love with everything you have made. I cannot wait to see your new home. P.S. my email is ashmancini5@yahoo.com. love u

  9. Congratulations again Lauren! So proud of you!

  10. Ball jars!! I adore them! Blue, greenish, clear - they're all good! You're an amazing crafter. Happy blogaversary! VermontPines@aol.com

  11. What a fun giveaway. Lots of variety.


  12. Happy blogiversary! And thanks for the chance to win, I am really needing those fingerless gloves as cold as it got here today!
    mindingmomma at aol dot com

  13. Congratulations on your blogiversary!

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  14. What a great giveaway! Can I join in please??

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  16. Happy blogaversary!
    I'm a new follower!


  17. I'll join the others in saying Happy Blogiversary, and thanks for the awesome giveaway! My email is meredithst@att.net.

    I'm also a follower of your site!

  18. This is an awesome giveaway thanks for the opportunity.

    I am also a follower now!!!

  19. I just told everyone on my blog zospecial.wordpress.com about this giveaway. Thanks again.

  20. What a fun collection. Thx for the chance to win!