Monday, June 20, 2011

I got it, I got it!

It finallllyyyyy arrived in the mail! Yay!

Like a good little quilter, I read the preface. Then I promptly follow the instructions and printed out the entire packet that came with the CD. 

 (Wow... a slight waste of paper. I didn't want to alter the PDF's in case it would ruin the template, but it hurt my feelings a bit to use all this paper)

 (I have my glorious stack of 106 templates ready to be cut out)

So I gathered up all of my supplies, sat down, and got ready for lotssss of cutting up: 
 (Permanent markers to write the template number on each template, scissors, the stack of 106 templates, baggies to store the templates, and old scrap manilla folders, and a pen for tracing)

Originally, I had every intention of sitting down tonight with the entire stack of templates and all of the supplies and making every single one of the templates. Umm... after 1, 2, & 3 I wanted to give up already. I can't stand sitting down that long. So I decided that it would be wise and not make me angry if I just cut out the templates that I need for the blocks I am doing that specific week. Doesn't that sound better?

Want to know something really sad? So, I got the book today. As you've seen in my past posts, I have all of my prints picked out already and they are waiting to go. The only thing missing is the AMH solids I have been waiting for. Well, good news is that they were delivered today! YAY! 

Oh wait, no, my husband had to work late tonight and he has the key to our mailbox, so as of 9:00 PM (right now) he is still not home. I am staring longingly out our apartment window at the mailbox wishing it would just open itself. What a lesson in patience. I should also point out the fact that I rationalized skipping the gym because I would be home quilting, and instead I've been eating. Ahhh, fail.


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