Friday, May 11, 2012

Oat & Fruit Casserole?

I got "Baked Oatmeal" recipe from a cookbook I took out at our local library last weekend. It looked wicked good! I have no idea what the book is called though, sadly, because it was already due back. I know that it was a new release, and something about all natural. If anyone call tell me what it is called and who the author is, I would appreciate it! I think that in a weeks time, I tried 4 recipes from it an loved all of them. 

Does anyone else do this? Make a WICKED mess whenever they cook? Before I start a dish that I haven't made before, I typically get out all of my measuring bowls and cups and spoons that are the usual suspects for a recipe. I really hate scrambling around trying to find the right measure when I am covered in sugar and egg-something. Well, this is what it looks like when I start cooking. Note that I am not showing you an "After" for fear that it would surely cause you to "Unfollow" my blog. 

Some progress shots: 

This recipe turned out to be almost an Blueberry & Oat Casserole. The bottom of the casserole was lined with overripe bananas and sweet/tart blueberries. The middle of the mixture was oats and cinnamon, and it was topped with more blueberries and a nice coating of sugar in the raw. It was soooo good! It served as several healthy portioned breakfast servings for me and Husband. 

On another note, my vanity drawers were in need of a major cleaning/overhaul. I started cleaning/organizing before I thought of taking any pictures. I though all of you resourceful people out there would love my use of these little jello molds or whatever their purpose in their past life was.

I was actually able to get a "before" shot of this drawer. It isn't soooo bad, but it really needed some organization.

I even thought it was smart to was all of my makeup brushes. I have had some of these brushes since highschool, yes HIGHSCHOOL, and I have yet to clean them. Gross, I know. 

There, I've given you a little sneak peak into what I've been up to since tax season is officially OVER. I have been working on 2 major craft projects, but need to gather all of the photos together for a blog post. Both are items from my bucket list (yesssss).


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