Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cooking {First Try at Creme Brulee}

I looooooooooooove Creme Brulee. 

I mean seriously, I am obsessed with it. 

If it is on a menu, I will order it. 

I will also NOT share it. Don't even try. Ask my husband or girlfriends.

I will also savor every single last bite of it, taking upwards of 25 minutes to consume the entire thing. 

I will also not care one bit.

I will also consider ordering two. 

That may or may not have happened in the past. 

Whatever don't judge.

You guys know me, I'm intimidated by the stupidest stuff. The seemingly fancy stuff, even the stuff I have been eating my whole life, like Creme Brulee, intimidates me. Or maybe its not intimidation, but maybe by making it myself I am taking away some of the allure of the dish? I am taking away the mystery that makes the dish so special?

I don't know. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter anymore because I have semi-successfully made Creme Brulee. 

1) Prepare a rimmed baking sheet with a dish towel in the center. 

2) Get your creme brulee dishes ready, or your ramekins.

3) Get your vanilla beans prepped and ready. Slice them down the side and scrape out all of the vanilla beans. Also, taste a few while you are at it, they are amazing. 

(Please ignore my gold nail polish)

4) Make your custard, by heating heavy cream with the vanilla beans and pods. 

5) Make the egg mixture part of the custard by whisking the eggs with sugar. 

6) Strain the heavy cream mixture through a sieve and then mixed the egg and heavy cream mixtures together.

7) Boil water and pour the boiling water into your rimmed baking sheet. 

8) Pour the mixture into you creme brulee dishes or ramekins.

9) Bake for maybe 35 minutes? Can't recall. 

10) Top with sugar, and try to light this baby on fire. I did a double dose of sugar, caramelizing between layers. 

Then eat it. Savoring every bite. Lick the bowl clean, please. 



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