Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Herringbone Quilt


Herringbone quilts have been floating around blogland for a while now, and I just can't get enough!

There are seemingly tons of different methods of making this quilt. There are also a million different quilts out there to envy.

Like this scrappy one:


This two-tone quilt:  

A Pretty in Pinks quilt:


Some veryyyy pretty herrinbone quilting: 


OK and I just cannot get enough of these floors!!!!!!! 

After ooooohhing and aaahhhhing  all of these herringbone quilts, I had to get started on one. Also, I am still waiting for a new foot to finish my My Sweet Charli quilt related projects. 

I did a rough outline/pattern for this quilt. Wasn't sure what to expect really, I was just hoping that it would all work out as I had planned and that I didn't make any stupid mistakes. 

I plan to give this crib size quilt as a present to a coworker who just had a baby. I tried to make it as boy-ish as possible given fabric I already had laying around. These are the fabrics that planned to work with.

Lots of cutting later ...

And some stitching .... very tricky stitching I might add ...

More herringbone quilting to come!



  1. I love herringbone quilts, too! Your's is off to a gorgeous start, Lauren. I love Heirloom is this colourway. It should make a gorgeous quilt for a baby boy. Happy stitching!

  2. this is gorgeous - already - who is it for and if it's not spoken for and youre open to selling it let me buy the damn thing - i LOVE it!!!