Sunday, November 25, 2012

{Holiday Gifting} Ice Cream Toppings

There is a certain someone in our family that LOVES ice cream. I thought that it might be a cute idea to gift this certain someone with a special, personalized gift this Christmas. 

I had the idea of putting a few favorite candies, crushed up, in jars as handy dandy ice cream toppings. 

First things first though ... I gathered up some supplies for the project. Pretty pens, scrapbook paper, yarns, fabric, candy, and JARS.

Then I got to the candy cutting, chopping, and smashing. I used a combination of methods, depending on the candy. I chopped up the Heath Bar and Reeses, and then smashed the other candies with a mallet. 

Then I had to figure out how I'd package the goodies. I knew that I wanted to use jars because I am on quite the jar kick lately. Naturally, I searched the one and only, Pinterest for some inspiration.

s'more gift jar 

Gingerbread gift jars x 

 mix-match-gift granola in weck jar

jars jars jars

I decided that I didn't want to buy anything or get to fussy. I grabbed some fabric and yarn and got going. I cut (4) 8 inch squares of fabric and hemmed the fabric so that there were not any frayed edged.

Then I grabbed some nice pens, cardstock/scrapbook paper, and scissors and experimented with different labeling techniques.

It took a little trial and error, but I finally came up with a method that seemed to work well for this project, and maybe future ones as well. 

1) Place the square piece centered on top of the jar

2) Get some tape handy and tape down all four FLAT EDGES loosely to the sides of the jar

3) Then I fingerpressed the corners, very simply

4) Putting it all together...I played around with a few different labels and I really like the tag look the best. It also allows for a perfect place for hole-punching.

It was also really easy to wrap the tag and yarn around the jar now that you've pressed those edges. Just start with the 1 corner in the back and work your way around.


Are you jarring any presents for Christmas???


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  1. awesome idea! and you can do personalized jars: for chocolate lovers, and healthy eating enthusiasts :) really cute idea