Thursday, July 21, 2011

Craft Room Look & Feel

I've been really really thinking about what kind of LOOK & FEEL I want my craft room to have. I have been struggling with this thought a lot. What look to I want?  I know what I absolutely don't want, but I have trouble narrowing down exactly what I do want.

Do I want to be vintage chic:

Do I want to be super organized and structured?


Or do I want a more go with the flow attitude?

Do I want to use wire/metal shelving and racks and create a more industrial feel?


Do I want to eliminate as much open shelving as possible so it is a cleaner, more streamlined look?

Do I want to have a design wall? More importantly, will there be room?

BIG QUESTION: Do I want a color scheme? I'm not really a "theme" or "scheme" person. Do you have to have theme or color scheme? Is it a must?

 Do I want to display a collection proudly?

What do you think? What do I want? Of all the pictures, I think I like the one below the best. I like the brightness. I like the combo of open shelving and drawers. I like the white wood and the neutral-ish color. I think that it will give as a nice backdrop while working on various projects, maybe I won't have sensory overload with too much going on in the room. I just like it. Also, green is my favorite color.:

P.S. notice the wire baskets? Maybe that's why I like it?!



  1. Lovely photos of craft rooms! I dream of a sewing room too. I like the last one you posted...the green one, and the blue walled one with the paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

    Lovely blog you've got here. :)

  2. you want VINTAGE CHIC first pic....SOLD/DONE DEAL...NO MORE QUESTIONS hahaha I am in love with it and I will volunteer to sleep on the floor in this room when I come visit...I need you to have this room...

  3. The photo that is the third one down under organized and structured would work best for my space and needs. Do you know what the resources were for cabinets, counters etc.?

  4. @ Anonymous

    I think that you can most definitely find everything that you need at ikea! Check out their website. They have pretty affordable cabinetry and they have counter tops as well. You might also be able to check the container store. their website is great and very inspirational, although they are pricey. Thanks for checking out the blog!