Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Block #7 Birds in the Air?

I started working on block number 7, Birds in the Air.


 (Fabric: LouLouthi and Anna Maria Horner solids)

Holy CRAP were there a lot of pieces to cut out. I think that there were 40 pieces in total. Phew.

Started piecing:

All done piecing, almost!  Doesn't that look fantastic? I am really digging this color combo.

And then....oh no! What happened here? Why are my #8 templates so much smaller than my pieced #13's? AHH.

Does anyone know the answer? I mean, I meticulously pieced this baby. I used my 1/4 inch foot and still measured seams to make sure that I was in line. Boo.

Also, see the picture above? Umm... yeah.... apparently my tension was WAYYYYYYYY off while piecing this entire block. I may have to scrap it entirely and start all over. I really do not want to do that because cutting all of those templates out was not exactly enjoyable.

Anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions?



  1. Are you really supposed to use the rounded triangles like that and not the inner ones on the template? I've never seen that before! Love the fabric choice! Miss you!

  2. Yeah, the angled sections just represent the seam allowance. The inner section is the finished piece. I'm still mystified.

  3. Another suggestion would be to reprint your templates, I had a problem when I forgot to remove the fit to page tick and one of the templates was out by the smallest amount...very annoying! P.S. Great colours!

  4. Don't be too discouraged. I'm pretty good with piecing and some of these blocks have not turned out the right size. I had good luck with #7 using the templates. What was your final block measurement? I have a feeling your seams were too scant, also you should press the seams to the dark sides and try not to pull on them as they will stretch out and distort. You shouldn't see stitches on the right side. Use a darker thread - grey works real well with contrasting pieces. Maybe try again and cut down your larger triangles if you have to so they are the same size as the pieced triangles, this way your points won't get cut off. Good luck, and it's still going to be a GREAT quilt.