Sunday, January 6, 2013

Calm Before the Storm

I absolutely love Christmas. I love relaxing with family and friends, hosting and attending parties, and giving and getting presents of course. 

But you know what the WORST part about the Christmas season is? The end. 

Not for all of the selfish reasons you may think. I don't get post-holiday depression because of the lack of things to do.

I get depressed because the end of the Holiday Season means the beginning of the other season of my life, TAX SEASON. 

January is kind of my time to get my affairs in order. Haha that DOES sound depressing. 

I have two weeks after the New Year to make and break resolutions, pick up the house, reorganize closets, clean out junk drawers, etc. This time is otherwise known as "the calm before the storm".

I guess that I will say my Goodbyes to you for the next few months. I might pop in and out as I please, but I cannot make you any promises as I will be spread quite thin until May. I am actually making an effort to work LESS this year, but I should probably spend that time getting in shape rather than crafting. Oh the horror. 


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