Friday, November 1, 2013

Circular Knitting Needle Roll

I have made it a goal of mine this year to make myself "Tool Rolls" for all of my knitting and crocheting needles and hooks. 

I started off with the smallest of the rolls, a crochet hook roll.

Then I moved onto a knitting needle roll, a pattern which I might want to revise a little bit in the future so that the flap is more stable, maybe just interfacing the flap. 

Then, I racked my brain for months on how to make the best circular knitting needle holder, and I think I finally found the answer for my perfect circular needle "roll". The problem with circular needles is that 1 pair takes up SO MUCH space, I knew that this roll was going to be huge and eat up a lot of fabric and be pretty big. 

I tried three different patterns and they were all terrible. I wish I kept them but I was so irritated that I just threw them in the garbage. I probably should have taken pictures. One of them involved me buying a grommet-er and did a lot of grommet-ing, and other were even worse failures.

HOWEVER, I think I've finally got it! 

First, after A LOT OF MEASURING AND I MEAN A LOT, way too much math for this accounting during off-work hours, I cut all of the fabric pieces for the roll. 

To give you a better idea of the different cuts I took this side shot, most pieces are stacked and have many many layers.

These are the additional supplies that I used for my project. I used a 50 weight mercerized cotton thread, Schmetz MICROTEX needles (which are flipping phenomenal, you need to get them now), and my AMAZING Bernina Binder Attachment. Have you guys used this yet? It is so amazing. Depending on the size attachment you get, it takes a 1.5 inch strip of fabric, and turns it into binding effortlessly. You can make binding strips themselves, or bind and edge of fabric or a quilt. Maybe I'll do a tutorial on that later :)

Some progress shots of me putting the roll together:

I had some MAJOR difficulty with the "Binding" of this little Circular Needle Book. I originally anticipated running the whole center spine through my machine, then once I realized that its like 25 layers of fabric and interfacing I knew there was no way, even with my trusty Bernina. 

To combat that, I used a wicked thick and sharp tapestry needle, purl embroidery floss and a metal thimble, and tried to create binding.  I do admit that this does not look perfect, but I will work on my binding techniques and a few other enhancements when I make this again. For my purposes, it is totally sufficient. I think in the future a leather punch or something that actual book binders use would be more effective than the tapestry needle. 

 Glam Shots:

The Collection so far:

That's another item off the Bucket List, wooohooo! Check out my Finished Projects page as well as my Flickr page for completed projects. 

Hope you enjoyed :)


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  1. My Wife loves sewing, and using hat looms, but I have been thinking about getting her a pair of circular knitting needles, she has been wanting to learn how to knit for years, so I think that it would be a good first step.