Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kona Cotton at Joann's?

I don't think so.

I was at Joann's getting a few solid prints to finish up some mug rugs and what did I see in their solids section? A whole entire section of various colors called "Kona Cotton Solids". I immediately checked the label on the bolt of fabric and of course "Robert Kaufman" appears nowhere on the label. They are also 6.99/yard! That's more than real Kona Cotton costs at my local fabric shop.

Is that allowed? I am pretty sure that Kona Cotton isn't a type of fabric like, for example, Cotton Velveteen. I know that Robert Kaufman has Kona trademarked. Tula Pink went through a huge ordeal with Wal-mart a while back and had to get lawyers and a ton of people involved. 

I am not sure what the rules are, but at 6.99/yard for a SOLID, there is no way I am buying it when I can get the real Kona cheaper and support my local fabric shop.

Has anyone else discovered this too? 



  1. I think you should report Michael's to the Better Business Bureau :)

  2. Lol. Actually, I did write Robert Kaufman an e-mail :)

  3. This seems to come up frequently. Our local MQG president mentioned it at a guild meeting not long ago after having talked to Robert Kaufman Fabrics. She reported that all of the Kona Cottons, whether purchased at a LQS or retailer like JoAnn's, are the same. You might also see RK's blog post:


    Note, in particular, this part:
    "Robert Kaufman uses the same quality greige and dyes for all customers purchasing Kona Cotton Solids - all customers receive the same product. We have never produced a lesser grade of Kona for any customer. All seconds are rejected prior to leaving the mill."

    See also this blog post:

    I've used Konas from JoAnn's now for a while, and they have the same hand--even after washing--as those sold at the only LQS near me that carries them, so I'm inclined to believe RK.

  4. Nancy! Thank you so much for your post. I am all about saving money, so I am excited to find out that those are actually RK solids!

  5. You're most welcome. When I first came across the Kona Cottons at my local JoAnn's about a year and a half ago, I went through the same thought process that you did! I get the 40%/50% off coupons regularly, plus I get to rock the educator discount, so it's nice to be able to get the real deal at JoAnn's (especially when the one LQS that carries it is 30 minutes away and carries very few colors).

    I love your blog, by the way... thanks for sharing your talents with all of the rest of us crafting addicts! :)

  6. I'm so glad you enjoy it! Sometimes you just post away and hope someone out there is listening :)

  7. The one at JoAnn's definitely has a lighter texture to me. I made the trip to Beverly's for mine and could tell the difference.