Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mug Rug YAY and Mug Rug FAIL

To start, I have a problem. I am a afraid to cut into my favorite fabrics. Like, really afraid. I buy all these gorgeous fabrics that I just love, but I use hand-me-downs instead because I am afraid I will mess up and waste the good stuff. This is causing a chain reaction of problems. I don't use the new fabric, then I'm not super-happy with the result, then even if I like the sewing pattern, I don't want to make it again.

Does anyone else have a WICKED fabric-cutting phobia? Am I the only one out there? I guess I just have to start cutting the crap out of my good fabric and actually loving my end results.

Now that I've confessed my phobia... 

I made my first mug rug AND it happened to be the first time I made hexagons (this is the one I like):

(A close up of the quilting detail on the hex. In retrospect, I would have done a better job)

 (I like this quilting pattern on the hex)

 (Straight line quilting on the other parts of the mug rug)

(Back view of the quilt job)

(This is literally my favorite part. I love the how the quilt design showed up on the back. Whenever I do hexagons I want to do this.)

ANDDD... Here is my second mug rug ever AND my first double hourglass piecing:

(again with the fabric. I know it's Christmas time, but I have tons of other stuff that I am just afraid to use, so I, for whatever reason, thought plain red and green were appropriate)

 (I actually LOVED piecing the double hourglass. It has been my favorite block to piece and I am actually pretty proud of my corners lining up, I thought it would be a major fail but it wasn't)
(Oh right. This is where the FAIL comes in. Terrible Quilting. Now I hate the red and green. Why did I have to add the white? It looks sooo stark. I'm not even going to bind the thing, I hate it.)

Am I allowed to just abandon a project like that? I really just think it sucks. I AM going to make more mug rugs, and I LOVED making the double hourglass. So I am not failing anything on my list. I'm just throwing that hideous thing in the garbage. 

I am setting a sub-goal for myself. By the end of this next weekend, I vow to cut into my coveted Anna Maria Horner fabrics and make some double hourglass blocks. I will post results by Sunday. 

<<NOTE: I used the double hourglass tutorial provided by Cluck. Cluck. Sew. and it really was very very easy. Promise. >>

Thanks for listening! Please don't leave comments telling me that the mug rug was nice. It really was just terrible.




  1. Believe it or not, Lauren, I can relate to what you feel about cutting into fabric that you love. I'm almost to the point that I'm going to get rid of every fabric that I don't love, so it will force me to stop hesistating. lol

    Guess what? Your red/green mug rug is not a failure. It's a learning experience and anyone that sews has a number of these projects (I'm sure I could scare you with mine!). The kind that make you shake your head and wonder "What was I thinking putting those fabrics together? Gah!" It's actually good that we do this, it's a definite lesson in using materials that you love - no matter what.

  2. Ya for cutting into AMH fabric! You will not regret it. It is hard for all of us to use our favorite fabrics, but it does MAKE the project. Enjoy!

    xoxo Rachel of Stitched in Color