Friday, August 26, 2011

Why Hello There...

It has been quite the month over here! 

For those of you that don't live in the Northeast... Verizon has been on strike for a month now! Oghhhhh I have about 300 comments on that topic, but I won't spew that here.

Guess what that meant? We haven't had internet since we moved out of our apartment and into our new home in July. JULY!!! 

Needless to say, I have been going through some serious internet withdrawal. I haven't checked a blog in a MONTH. We finally got internet about an hour ago and you guys were my first visit, after checking out what Martha has been up to, of course. 

For your viewing pleasure.... some house pictures! Keep in mind...these are pictures of the house when it was listed. Totally not our furniture. We moved in the night we closed, so there was no way to take pictures before crap was EVERYWHERE.

 (Front of house)

(View from backyard)

(Living Room -view from foyer)

(Dining Room - view from living room)

(Dining Room - view from kitchen towards Dining Room and Living Room)

(Kitchen - view from Addition. On the far right, that is our front door. The door on the left, is the Dining Room door)
(Kitchen view)

(Kitchen - view into Addition)

(Addition - view from Kitchen. Nice couches, right? lol...)

(Screened-in Porch.... wahoo!!)
 (Bedroom 1 - Master - definitely bigger than it looks)

 (Bedroom 2 - It is actually HUGE!)

 (Bedroom 3 - Also a pretty good size)


OK! There you have it. That is a brief tour. I'll have more pictures for you when it doesn't look like the A-bomb went off in here.

As for me, I will be toasting to the internet on the rest of this Friday night. You might not hear from me for a week because I have a ridiculous amount of catching up to do in Blogland.



  1. Lauren, your new house is gorgeous! Wahoo!!! You are going to enjoy having a craft room - have you set up your machine yet? I'm so happy for you and wish you years of happiness and love in your new home.

  2. Glad to see you back! Lovely new house! :)