Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Good Folks Mug Rug Update

I finished all of the quilting on the mug rugs:

 (I think this is my favorite one. I really enjoyed the diagonal line quilting)

(I stippled!!!)

 (I really like this one quilted with straight lines 1/4 apart)

 (I did my best stippling job on this one for sure)

(Stippling close-up)

 (Random horizontal lines. I can't do random. I don't like it one bit)

 (More stippling. Looks like I have to work on getting closer to the edges)

 (Should probably work on going a little quicker too, the stitch size there is pretty big)

 (Look at what a good stippling job I did here!!! This is the best of the bunch.... until....)

 (I got to the center, contrasting part! WTF LAUREN! Every other part was so good, why did I mess up the one section that actually shows, FAIL)

(Really? I am not a good left-turner. I feel like Zoolander)

(OHHH! Not to mention that I never checked the tension. Umm, really? I actually had to increase my thread tension to 8! EIGHT! That seems really high. Maybe I need to get my machine serviced)

I really enjoyed learning how to stipple/meander. It was EXTREMELY stressful, for whatever reason. Much like my driving, I cannot control my foot slamming on the gas. When I was stippling, everything would be going well, then I would get really really excited and slam on the gas and lose control. Hmmm.... I am sure learning the best speed for me will come with time.

I also REALLY enjoyed some straight like quilting. Although, I do feel like it takes forever and uses a ton of thread. At least I don't have a panic attack while I am straight-line quilting.


  1. I tried free motion for the first time a few weeks ago and it was SO stressful. Was this your first time free motion stippling? Some of those are so good! This gives me hope! I need to force myself to get out some practice fabric. ugh.

  2. btw, I really, really like the straight line quilting ;)

  3. Thank you for your comments Rachel. YES,it was my first time trying it and I am pretty happy with the results!