Thursday, November 15, 2012

{Quilt Pattern} Squares on Point

Hiii There,

As I said in my previous post, I will be teaching a few classes at my local sewing shop. The shop has had a ton of requests for quilting classes, and  the owner and other teachers aren't really quilters, so they've asked me to come up with some beginner quilting classes and whip up samples for those classes. 

First things first... I had to pick some fabric. As usual, my obsession with Anna Maria Horner continues. I selected some prints from her Innocent Crush collection, as well as a LouLouthi print. I am not sure where/what that print on the far left below is, I grabbed it from the sew shop. 

Quilt Design:

I wanted something really simple for the newbie quilters. I wanted a design with big squares that went together very simple. Here is what I came up with:

Fabric cutting:

And the quilt top comes together ... sooooo easy!!!!

 The only "squaring up" that this quilt needed was a few corners clipped.

Onto the quilting .... 

Although, in retrospect, the quilting pattern was definitely not the easiest because I had to wrangle a lot of the quilt under the machine at once. I am going to have them quilt this pattern instead .... 

Then comes the much dreaded binding of the quilt. I am definitely going to show all of my newbie quilters how to machine stitch the binding, it is so much easier that hand stitching!!

All done!!  I completed the quilt in about 10 hours total, which included a lot of time for writing and editing the pattern for the students, as well as watching the whole last season of Awkward on MTV. My husband says that I tend to zone out like a 3 year old, twirling my hair standing about 1 foot from the TV, so I can safely assume that a solid 2 hours were wasted that way. 

I actually really am in love with the color combo here. I think that beginner quilters really want to get a feel for the process of constructing a quilt, which they will get to here. They will have to do a little bit of cutting, they will piece squares and triangles both, they will spray baste the quilt, they will get experience with straight-line quilting, they will cut and sew binding, and lastly they will attach the binding via machine stitching. 

What do you guys think? Is this a pretty easy beginner quilt? Do you live in New York's Capital Region and want to take this class? E-mail me! 



  1. Nice in process pics you've gotten. And Awkward. is one of the best shows that've come out in... ever :)

  2. Love this design! What size did you make your big squares? Thanks!