Monday, October 10, 2011


Today, Chris and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary!

We were really living on the edge today. Did you know that your first anniversary is the "Paper Anniversary". Guess what we did?

Ripppppppppppppppppped the wallpaper off our kitchen walls! Wooohooooo!

Our kitchen before, obviously all cleared out:

I am sure that this wallpaper was the perfect choice when this kitchen was built, but we were very over it. I am confident that you all will agree.

Step 1: Rip off the top layer of the old wallpaper. It actually came off pretty easy.

Step 2: Spray the light brown, fuzzy second layer of wallpaper with this AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG product called Piranha.


 All we had to do was soak the fuzzy layer in this glorious product and the layer literally FELL off:

TA-DA! Wallpaper has been destroyed. The only dilemma... I can't decide on a paint color. For now, we primed the walls white. They are ready for painting any day now. If only I could select a color. I seem to hate everything paired with these medium-toned cabinets. I can't find anything that looks sufficient. Chris and I are thinking about painting the cabinets, but that will take like forever.

If you have any suggestions for paint colors, please email me! Also, if you can figure out what color hardware would match those dang cabinets... PLEASE let me know. 



  1. OMG even just with the white walls it really opens the room up - it looks so much bigger without the wallpaper background! Awesome improvement :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! The kitchen looks so much better like that!

  3. it looks great! good work guys, and a perfect way to celebrate your "paper" anniversary! :)

  4. I had this same problem - took the wallpaper off then painted it off-white - couldn't chose a color. The only thing I might suggest is a light blue. In the color wheel blue is the opposite of orange (your cabinets). My walls are still off-white! I kind of like SW (Sherwin Williams) 6506 Vast Sky To confuse you further (!), here is their color by family page.