Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Stockings?

I have been playing around with fabrics to make Christmas stockings for Hubster and I. My goal was to have them match (or at least coordinate) with the tree skirt I made and posted about in my last post. 

I can't seem to nail down a good color scheme/pattern though. Here are pictures of the fabrics and fabric combos I am working with:

 (Reds! Apparently I don't have many bright reds in my stash.)

 (Some greens. A few more modern prints here)

 (I think that I like this color arrangement the best. I like the green and gold combo!)

(All the fabric)

I am very unsure as to the final product I am going to make. I have some ideas though:
  • I want to incorporate white fabric or maybe Kona Snow into the arrangement to brighten it up a bit
  • I don't think that I am going to use the DARK GREEN (almost black) pin dot fabric
  • Maybe the stocking part of the stocking (ie. not the cuff) can be made of a combination of red/white and green/white hourglass blocks. Then, the cuff can be a combo of the gold/white hourglass blocks. 
  • Maybe a combination of gold/red/white/green patchwork squares throughout
  • Maybe red/white/green candy cane-style striped 
  • Maybe one of each? Technically, I need 4. One for Chris, me, our "Boys" (2 boy cats, Gob & Tobias) and one for our "Girls" (2 girl guinea pigs, Daria & Delilah).
I have so many ideas floating around. Can someone just tell me what to do? 



  1. Use the fabric that appears almost lime-green with the fabulous print on it for the stockings!!! It's my favorite one...and for the second picture of fabrics, the bottom red print is fabulous - i vote use these two for his and hers stockings...though I am drawn to this green/ivory print as well....

  2. Ooo Trish those ideas are great! Thank you :)