Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Sweet Charli workings...

I am excited to report much progress on my current quilt. I've started this quilt a little while back as a quilt specifically made for my Goddaughter, I even made a matching pillowcase!

I am following the apple carte quilt pattern exactly and so far it is working out wonderfully. I have all of the quilt blocks pieced, and I have pieced almost the entire quilt top. It is at the point where I just have to piece the rows together.

This is definitely one of my favorite prints from Tula Pink's collection. I just love the sea foam-y aqua color. 

I have to bust a move on this quilt, as it needs to be finished and ready for Germany by next Thursday. No pressure, right? 

I also am going to try to make some Christmas cookies this year. As part of my shower gift, my Aunt gave me lots of family recipes in a binder and there are quite a few cookie recipes in there that I must try. I'll try to share some pictures if I don't eat them all immediately. 

Are you making any Christmas cookies this year? Any good recipes to share? 



  1. Oh yes! I have that white chocolate craisin oatmeal cookie recipe that I'll email you when I get home. They are to die for!

  2. this is AWESOME!!! i am so looking forward to swapping her bedding out next week - love you godmama :)

  3. that is so pretty! Charli is going to love it:) is Austin's up next? jk;)