Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Patchworking It

Two of my good friends from college got married and subsequently got pregnant, wooohooo! HOWEVER, they were essentially a quilters least favorite pregnant couple ever because they decided to wait until the baby was born to learn the sex of said baby. 

I can only channel my inner Stephanie Tanner ... "How rude!" 

It wasn't long after the birth when the couple announced the arrival of their little baby girl. 

It was almost instantaneously that I started pulling out some fabrics from the stash to whip up a little bitty baby quilt. I cut these sumptuous Anna Maria Horner flannels from her Folksy Flannels collection into 6 inch squares and played around with a layout or two.


Once I laid them all out, I realized the resulting quilt was way too small. So I grabbed some plum colored linen and cut as many 6 inch squares as I could to make a checkerboard pattern and I really loved the result. Adding the the darker plum fabric really made the other prints POP!

I wasn't sure exactly how to quilt this little baby quilt. I am a little over straight-lines for right now, and I also wanted a quilting pattern that would keep the quilt soft, and not super stiff like straight line quilting or full-on stippling would do.

Sooo, I tried out this little loopi-loop (very technical term). After a few practice rounds on some scrap fabric, I ended up quilting the quilt and really loving the outcome. 

I backed and bound the quilt in that same plum colored linen fabric that I used for the patchwork squares. I had some leftover from previous projects that I wanted to use up, and I really just LOVE the way it makes those super colorful Anna Maria Horner prints POP! I also really like the weight and durability it gives to this baby quilt that will get a ton of use (hopefully)!

Quilt Stats: 
- The finished quilt measures ~25x30 inches and is the perfect size for a stroller quilt
- The prints are Anna Maria Horner flannels from her Folksy Flannels collection
- The solid is a Plum 100% Linen from Joann's (sorry)
- The quilt is backed and bound in the plum linen as well
- I bound the quilt with machine

Also, this is another item off of My Bucket List. I really wanted to work make a patchwork quilt, and this is my first patchwork squares quilt! See My Finished Projects as well as My Flickr page for other projects. 


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