Monday, August 19, 2013

A New Machine

My first Bernina was the ever popular gateway Bernina called the Activa 220, which I think is very similar to this current model offered. This machine was a great little machine that is definitely the most affordable option for new sewers. 

I am not sure why, but I really wanted the all mechanical model that Bernina offered called the 1008. So when I got my job at the sewing shop which is also a Bernina dealer, the first thing that I bought was the Bernina 1008 and it is a powerhouse machine. 

Then, this past month, I used all my sewing shop credit from being their accountant to buy the Bernina 710! This machine is considered a large machine, which means that the machine itsself is definitely bigger, but also the throat/neck/bed space is several inches wider than the other machines, which will make it so much easier to machine quilt with!

Adding a new machine to the mix meant that cleaning up the craft room was so necessary. 

I am lucky enough to have a craft room in our house. It is in one of our upstairs bedrooms, the smallest of the 4 bedrooms. It was actually a perfect set-up because the bedroom had 2 walls that were lined with built-in bookcases. Also, the closet in the room holds the stairs to the attic. So really it was craft room kismet!

Here is the view of the craft room from the hallway entrance:

Here is the majority of my fabric:

Here are my two machines that I still have, the Bernina 1008 and a vintage machine my girlfriend brought from Germany for me.

This shelf holds my fabric that is pre-planned for specific people or projects: 

This fabric is my main stash, organized by color for the most part. Apparently I like the color Red a lot!

I buy my favorite linens by the bolt with a 40% off coupon usually, so I can store them perfectly on this shelf:

The middle bookcase holds my designer fabric collections that I am hoarding, mainly Anna Maria Horner, as well as most of my sewing and quilting supplies:

These fabrics are spoken for also, with quilts already planned for some of my cousins as well as a series of seasonal quilts using voile and cottons that I have planned for myself:

My sewing table holds both my machine and my cutting mat:

The third bookcase has all of my crocheting, knitting, and embroidery supplies as well as my miscellaneous fabrics like home dec and another shelf for my electronics like my yarn baller and camera:

I've also segregated all my planned projects and quilts to make and sell on Etsy (more on that soon), so they are sitting out and ready to be made into some quilts, blankets, and other projects:

The 4th and final bookcase has my scrapbooking supplies on the top shelf, then my jewelry making supplies, and sewing notions like buttons, ribbons, and piping. It also holds some miscellaneous office supplies:

There is a little shelf under my window which is perfect for bolts of true grid (template making fabric) and interfacing, both of which I definitely buy by the bolt, as well as magazine holders that hold a lot of my patterns both that I buy and that I create:

Like I mentioned I have a great closet space to store the items that I can't find space for on the bookcases. I store things like bags of fiberfill, my gocco, and really big quilts that I'll probably never finish:

I almost forgot my ironing board. Very exciting stuff here:

Part of the Great Craft Room Clean Out was pulling everything off the shelves that I want to sell as the supplies section of my Etsy shop. I will be selling fabric scraps from various projects as well as other collections and supplies that I will just never use.

I hope you enjoyed your Tour de Craft Room. 

How often do you clean out your craft room? Monthly? Quarterly? Every 5 years?


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