Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Double Pointed Needled Roll

If you've checked this blog in the past year, you'll know that the main crafts I have been making have all been themed around getting organized! 

In April of last year, I sewed up a Knitting Needle Roll that fit 2-4 pairs each of all possible sized straight knitting needles.  I also made a matching Crochet Hook Roll (that I don't think I had a chance to blog about here), Circular Knitting Needle Roll, and I finally had some free time to sew one of the final pieces of this getting organized puzzle, a Double Pointed Needle Roll.

These tool rolls were a little more difficult than I anticipate. They involved a lot of pattern testing with scrap fabrics and A LOT of measuring to find the right size and shape to accommodate each type of needle. When I first started this project, it was just a simple straight needle roll and crochet hook roll. I had totally forgotten about the other types of needles and tools that go along with yarn crafts. You know what that means right? I DEFINITELY didn't buy enough fabric to coordinate all of the rolls. Naturally, I couldn't locate the fabric ANYWHERE, once I realized that I needed more it was too late to find any. I have been rationing that red sketchbook floral print like you wouldn't believe, so that I could try and incorporate it into each of the rolls and then still hoarding some for the final yarn-craft-organizing-related-project, a notions bag. 

This double pointed needle roll is designed to hold very size DPN from 0-13. Additionally it will hold 2 pairs of each size, one space for the shorter, 5-7 inch length, as well as each the larger 9-12 inch length. The roll was sewed up in a slubby black and white linen, and a lightweight cotton fabric in a pretty red sketchbook floral print. Because I was running out of this fabric from all of my other projects, I did have to do some piecing to make it work. The outer cover ties were made with raspberry red linen scraps, and I had to piece the top binding edge for each pocket. Roughly, the roll measures 12.5 inches tall x 25 inches wide when completely open.


That's another finished project off of My Bucket List! Check out My Bucket List for all of the projects I want to complete, and check out My Finished Projects for everything I've completed so far (including lots of food!). Also, check out My Flickr Page for another summary of my finished projects!

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