Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ironing Board Cover, Check!

I couldn't take it any longer. Staring at my ironing board was getting painful. The ironing board itself is fantastic. It has multiple height settings and is light weight. But....see for yourself.....

 (Notice the big brown burn spots?)

 (Notice the sorry excuse for elastic? The cover continually just flopped off because the elastic was crap-ola.)

 (There was a foam layer that was pretty worthless)

Then I got to pick out new fabric for the ironing board. My rule was no white in the fabric. Well, this fabric was too pretty and I completely forgot. Woops. Maybe I will try not to burn it then!:

 (Tracing the ironing board. I left a 3 inch allowance around the outside.)

 (Cutting out cotton batting)

 (Double-fold bias tape. Rope. Cord Stoppers.)

 (I did a few quilt lines across the top to make sure the layers stuck together)

 (Left a hole for the cording to come out)

 (You can see the quilt lines here. The bias tape is all pinned on, and the cording is already in place.)

And... voila!

I really love it. I iron so much that it sits up against a wall in our living room, so I am REALLY glad that the fabric is nice because the other one was just sad to look at. Also, I am sure hubby is happy that it isn't too froofy! 

OH! Guess what? That is another item off the bucket list!! See my completed items in the Craft My Life Away flickr account.



  1. it's really cute! I think that a cute ironing board cover might actually motivate me to iron more! ;)

  2. Bravo! That new cover is lovely. You're reminding me that I need to redo the one I made. I stayed away from white fabrics for the reason you suggest, but even black fabric gets scorched (as my cover will attest). lol

  3. id like to add this to my "wish list"...same fabric, much?

  4. This looks so inviting. It's a great upgrade. (Mine desperately needs one too...)

  5. This is great... you did a beautiful job!