Sunday, January 29, 2012

Finalllyyyy, a wedding album!

We got married on 10.10.10.... like over a year ago. We are stillllll waiting on our wedding album. It just so turns out that our photographer, Missy, is sooo extremely popular and hasn't had the chance to work on it yet. She finally contacted me last week starting selecting pictures for the album. Here is her blog, you should check out her photos, she does amazing work!

I have been working diligently for the past week or so, going through hundreds and hundreds of photos, trying to narrow down our list to the select few photos that will make the cut. It is actually so exciting to look at all of the photos again. Anyone who has planned and executed a wedding almost entirely by myself (I lived nowhere near any family or bridal party) knows what its like to be "over it" as soon as it ends. There are so many great photos that capture how special the day was for us and I have been getting warm and tingly all over again reliving the day. 

I thought that I would share some of my favorites with you all:

 (My Older Sissy, me, and my Mom)

(I just absolutely loved my bridal party. This shot is one of my favorites. The colors are just gorgeous.)

 (Hahahaha.... I love this! Totally unplanned, my MOH (my older sis) and our Best Man)
Not sure why, but our cake pictures were like my two favorite from the wedding. I am always happier with food.

I have never been to a wedding with a more crowded dance floor in my life. The fact that we invited about 125 people under the age of 30 helped a lot. We were literally dancing all night long. The woman next to me down there is my mother-in-law. The night was seriously such a blast.

I also just love loved this picture of my brother and my mom. Doesn't my brother look like such a Guido? He looks like he should be fist pumping and GTL'ing.

Thought that I'd let you in to my little world over here @ Craft My Life Away. Hope that you enjoyed!



  1. I heart all of the above lol, in another 10 years can u renew your vows and throw another party lol - because I'd like to hit REPEAT :) xoxo

  2. i LOVE all the pics! what a fun group you had at that wedding ;)

  3. That wedding was such a good mix of classy and FUN! Mine was classy, but seeing as we did it in our college town in the summer where most of the people our age were back at home for the summer, we couldn't do any of the fun dancing or things like that. Yours was a party!