Friday, January 20, 2012


Have you noticed that EVERYONE around Blog Central is organizing and re-organizing? It has given me a bit of the bug. Well...if we're being honest here... my mom came to visit last weekend and kind of yelled at me for my messy craft room. Little did she know, I cleaned it minutes before she came to make it more presentable. Ahhh oh well. What'reyagonnado? 

Oh, right, you're gonna get organized.

Like I said, it actually wasn't even so bad because I had just "cleaned".

My quilting/sewing section needed a total re-org. It was sooo messy. The real problem is that I have soooo much stuff. I know, rough life.
After streaming 2 episodes of Grey's Anatomy (only on season 4, no spoilers please!) on Hulu, this is what we get...

Starting from the top on down ... 
1) All of my special fabric collections. Far Far Away, Soul Blossoms, Echo, discontinued IKEA fabrics I have been hoarding. 
2) Anna.Maria.Horner. 'nuff said. Good Folks. Folksy Flannels. Little Folks. Dobby Dots. Voile. Velveteen. Oh, also, my scrap bin lives here until it gets organized. It is kind of like scrap Purgatory.
3) Actually, even more Anna. These are Innocent Crush and LouLouthi that I set aside for my Farmer's Wife Quilt. Also, my pens and current notepads.
4) All of my sewing accoutrements. Scissors, needles, pins, threads, etc.
5) Scraps and miscellaneous. All of my scraps are now organized.

I decided that I might as well try to organize my knitting too. You can see the disorganization in the first picture above if you look closely to the far right of the photo. Not good. I have lots of stuff going on here, mainly knitting/crocheting in the middle rows there. Finished sewing projects on the bottom two rows, along with some WIPS, like that big yellow quilt down there. 

Have you done any major organizing in the new year? Any organizing goals? Tips? Tricks?


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