Sunday, March 11, 2012

My very favorite...Salted Caramels!

As you know, it's tax season and I am so busy that I haven't had time to even put away my clean clothes since sometime early January, but, a girl's gotta eat right?

My very favorite candy in existence on the planet is caramels. Yes, car-a-mels. I am obsessed. 

One sad, depressing, Saturday I came home from working 12 (less then enjoyable) hours to find that My Hunny decided it was the perfect night to learn how to make Salted Caramels! I turned my frown upside-down, threw on an apron, and got down and dirty with him in kitchen. Making caramels, of course! 

We followed a recipe that I've been eyeballing for a while now. It is in the annual Costco cookbook that my mother-in-law gets us every year. I think this specific book was circa 2010.

I won't tell you the ingredients, because I don't want to cause you to gain any weight my solely reading this post. More importantly, I don't want to really recount exactly how many calories I consumed the week that we ate these. 

We experimented using 2 different kinds of sea salt. On the left, we used a fine French sea salt, and on the right we used a coarse Mediterranean sea salt.

After the required 12 hour cool-down, we removed the caramels from the baking dish super-easily because the recipe was written with fore-thought and used parchment paper. 

We cut the caramels into 1-1.5inch cubes. It was definitely a cut 2 eat 4 situation. 

We debated a little about how to package these up. We used wax paper and tried two different folds that we saw online. We decided in the packaging on the right because it felt like a better seal, was easier, and looked nicer too.

The rest of the photos are a series of self-indulgent salted caramel glamor shots. I couldn't help myself. I ate about 15 of them in the time-span of taking these photos. Woops.

Those of you that regularly follow my blog know about my Bucket List, and this definitely marks another notch in my proverbial Bucket List Belt. Check out my Flickr account and the Finished Projects page for more.

I'll ignore the obvious issues with my above photos (cough *poor lighting* cough) and leave you with my favorite shot of the night (you know, aside from the pic husband took of my shoveling caramels into me mouth rendering me speechless).

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  1. Would love the recipient, or a link.
    Shelley w.

  2. I think a very nice gesture would be to bring a whole basket of them to your coworkers!

  3. Caramels look scrumptious and they look gorgeous in the jars! LOVELY!