Sunday, February 26, 2012

FWQAL Block No. 13 - Buckwheat

I did some more farming this week. It didn't take too long to whip up this block because already had all of the pieces cut out.

The fabric is from Anna Maria Horner, naturally, as I am using all of her prints and her solids for this quilt. 


 All 40-something pieces cut out!  Yeesshhhh that was a lot of cutting.

You'll notice that there is something so fantastic about the LouLouthi line. Look at the two different purple prints above. Well, look below. Both prints came from the same fabric piece. Anna's fabric lines really are so versatile! It just took a little fussy-cutting, and It's like I've got 2 different fabrics!

All of those tiny pieces became this block below. I was just beginning to think that my piecing was getting a bit better and more accurate, then, I worked on this block and that all went out the window. It was a wicked struggle for me. As seen below.... relatively sub par piecing! That's OK though, I tried reallllyyy hard. That counts for something, right?

These are all of the blocks I have completed so far. Check them out on my flickr page.


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  1. That block is absolutely gorgeous. The fabrics are out of this world. I made this block too. My version way subdued compared your block. Check it out here.