Monday, April 23, 2012

Catching Up and Making Soup

It may sound a bit dramatic, but now that tax/busy season is OFFICIALLY OVER, I feel as though I have escaped from prison and am finally freeeee. Actually, maybe that's the wrong analogy... I feel more like I've been grounded for months and my mom finally caved and let me watch TV and play with my friends again. 

I got back to quilting the My Sweet Charli quilt (here & here). I was about 2/3 done with the quilting. Last week I finished up the quilting (pics to come soon) and bound the quilt! I spent about 8 hours quilting and binding and it was awesome. I was working on the quilt in our dining room and I had our french doors wide open to the outside, it was like I was Quilting al Fresco. It was awesome. I only snapped a few in-process shots, I will take more photos when it isn't pouring rain outside and I can get some nice outdoor shots.

Last weekend I also threw a baby shower for a friend. I have to say, my absolute favorite thing about entertaining is making floral arrangements. I just love it. This isn't some of my very best work (I was running quite a bit late) but it was still wicked fun. My friend is having a little baby boy, so most of the decorations were blue, but I thought I'd break up the monotony with some white and green arrangements. Still keeping it boy-ish. 

I also started cooking again! It has been a WHILE since I cooked real food (like, not buffalo chicken quesadillas). Given that is was rainy and about 50 degrees this weekend, I decided to make some Minestrone Soup. It is pretty much my favorite soup that I've ever  made. Naturally, it's a Martha recipe from her Cooking School book. 

I am officially back to blogging, thank God!! I have surely been missing it. Thanks for checking in!



  1. Welcome back. Finally another soup lover. I am learning to Vietnamese Pho soup with chicken. I love noodles. The minestrone looks delicious.

  2. I've missed you!!! And i forgot to get a crib sheet to match her quilt lol fail mom wanna throw one in the box when u mail it to me!? PS IM DYING TO HAVE IT IN HER BED!!! xoxo