Monday, January 10, 2011

AMH + Double Hourglass =

More Mug Rugs!!!

I can't stop making them. I really need to stop, but they are so much fun and pretty easy to make.

These were not nearly as planned as the mug rugs I made here. I made them SOLELY from scraps! With the exception of the pea green fabric I snagged from Joann's last minute. I am really a terrible fabric cutter. I have a lot of scraps. It was exciting to make some scrappy things, so take a look:

 (Organizing some scraps)

 (More scraps)

 (Matching some mug rugs up)

 (Getting batting and backing paired up)

 (Lots of straight-line quilting)

 (Getting binding strips all cut and paired up)


 (All pinned up and now its time for binding....)

I have to finish up binding most of these babies. Not exactly sure of their purpose yet; I may be storing them away for starting my shop or craft fair. 



  1. Cute! I love the greens and the blues... that's one of my favorite color combinations.