Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Slight case of the Baby Bug

I just got back from a 5 day trip to Georgia. I spent time with one of my very best girlfriends and her family. She had a baby girl almost 3 months before my wedding in October and I never got to see the lovely little lady. I finally got the chance to meet her, and man, was it love at first sight!

(Miss Charlotte Rose)

 After some baby holding:

Gun shooting (I did mention I was in South Georgia right?):

Feeding baby green beans:

Feeding baby a bottle:

I really thought that I had the baby bug. I am pretty that there were two days where I had it really bad. Then I had to tend to Charli while she had a raging screaming fit on the way to the airport and I was totally over it. Sorry hubby. 

It was a much needed trip to visit one of my very best friends and I had a fantastic time. I fell in love with little Charli and cannot wait until the next time I get to see her!

I also got some knitting done along the way. I forgot to take pictures. My girlfriend Tricia already claimed the scarf I was knitting, hopefully I'll get a picture up soon!



  1. It was a fabulous trip indeed! I knew your 'baby bug' would cease when her fit started...and I knew it was coming lol :) It was wonderful to see you and fantastic for you to finally meet Charli!! Now go finish that scarf, please and thank you - it is gorgeous already! xoxo