Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Progress and yet another fail

I have been working DILIGENTLY at completing my hexagon throw. I finished almost all 98 pieces, sans a few because guess what? I started this project soooooo long ago that they no longer make the navy blue yarn (which is the center of every hexagon). Fail.

So I started with the layout:

I should have laid out a ruler so you all could see how tiny this "throw is". I realized that I just had to make some more hexagons to take this from a pillow cover to a throw. Considering that I ran entirely out of navy, I made solid hexagons using all the other colors. I think I ended up making 3 or 4 of each color and that really helped make the throw larger and I think that it also brightened it up a bit.

There is the official layout! I plan on measuring it when I am all finished, because right now it is probably quite a few inches bigger than the end result will be. I am so excited to finish up this project, it has been a long time coming and the end is in sight!

Looks like I have lots and lots of crocheting ahead of me... 



  1. I think the solid hexi's were a great idea, they really bring the throw together.

  2. Looks wonderful, Lauren! Adding in those solid hexies did add some extra "pop" to the overall look. Well done!