Monday, June 6, 2011

Copycat Stitching

Helllooooo There!

I have talked endlessly about how much I love Anna Maria Horner. I know I am not the only die hard fan out there. Did anyone else read her inspiring blog post about stitching? That post got me super excited to delve more into embroidery (which I tried out in this post) and actually start a project that I couldn't possibly ruin because her fabric is so amazing.

As soon as I saw the post, I happened to be near a quilt shop that just got her new line in and I snatched up a yard:

Then I decided that I would make a pillow out of the result, like Anna Maria. I followed Angela's pillow tutorial. So I cut the fabric according to her pillow recipe. 

Then I cut up some batting a little bigger than the top:

Then I spray basted the two layers together (my new favorite thing to do):

Man that fabric is gorgeous!:

Note that there is no backing, according to Angela @ Fussy Cut: 

Lastly, I gathered up all of my embroidery related accoutrements and starting planning out the stitching.  

I have since worked on it a for a few nights and am REALLY enjoying it. I am not very good at stitching away yet, but I have noticed that I am getting better and better. Progress posts to follow!


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