Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Like a Lemming ...

I just COULD NOT resist it anymore! I have seen the Farmer's Wife Quilt-a-long posts everywhere. Bloggers around the world are participating in this fantastic Quilt-a-long that was started by Angela @ Fussy Cut and her quilting friend Amanda

I don't know the entire story (because I am still waiting for my book!), but the Farmer's Wife Quilt is a sampler quilt that consists of 111 (yes, one-hundred and eleven) completely different quilt blocks. This is what it looks like (kind of a bad picture):

If you look at the Quilt, there are so many interesting blocks. The color scheme of the original quilt is definitely not something I would do, but those were the colors of the times I would guess. The Quilt-a-long (Q.A.L.) should take about a year! Most participants are making 2 blocks a week and hoping to have a finished quilt in a year. Given that I decided to start in week 3, and am still waiting on my book and some fabrics to finish my mix, it looks like I will have MAJOR catching up to do. That's ok, maybe I'll take a vacation day.

Part of me is SO SO SO SUPER excited about this quilt. There is a super exciting Flickr Pool that everyone has posted progress pictures on and I they are all really inspiring. I've never participated in a QAL, so it is really great that everyone shares their progress. I am almost at an advantage by starting late. I feel that I can look at some blocks that people make and see what I what I love about them and what I would change about them and then makes that a part of my quilt.

But, then the other part of me is wicked intimidated. The second quilt I attempted was a sampler quilt and I hated it. I didn't have a color scheme, I kind of just went with it. The end result was something I didn't even want to quilt it. Actually, I didn't quilt it. I almost threw it out this morning when hunting for fabric in my closet. Given that, with this quilt I most definitely want some type of theme/scheme. The best way for me to do that is.... using an entire fabric line (or two). Considering my undying love for everything Anna Maria Horner I am most definitely going with her fabrics. 

I was gifted the entire fat quarter collection of the Innocent Crush line for Christmas and I have been eyeballing the LouLouthi line that just came out. I am most definitely going to combine those two lines. You can take a close look at them here and you can see why I can't resist their temptation. I am also incorporating Anna Maria's line of solids in the quilt as well. 

I guess it has been decided. 
  • I am participating in the Farmer's Wife QAL. 
  • If you want to participate in the QAL you should read this post by Angela.
  • The fabric I am using is...
    • Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner
    • LouLouthi by Anna Maria Horner
    • Quilting cotton solid collection by Anna Maria Horner
    • I have not decided on binding or backing fabrics yet. Actually, I don't even know what the finished dimensions of the quilt will be. 
  • I will most definitely try for the 2 blocks a week goal. I will be sure to blog about each block and how I came up with each color scheme, etc. I will for sure have some catching up to do, but that's ok. 
Stay tuned for more Farmer's Wife QAL! 



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  1. Wow. Looks like an amazing quilt along to be a part of, Lauren. Good for you for joining in! Can't wait to see progress posts on this from you.