Friday, June 17, 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt Fabrics

I came home from work last night to find a package from Hawthorne Threads waiting at my doorstep! Yess! I ordered prints from Anna Maria Horner's new LouLouthi line to base my Farmer's Wife Quilt on. I am so excited, these prints are fantastic!

Opening the package...

Showing off the fabric:

 (Do all cats want to sit on everything you own?)

 (Don't these fabrics look juicy???)

The fabrics I am using from the Innocent Crush line:

Then I decided to play around with some fabric combos. Keep in mind that I still have the solids from AMH that I ordered to compliment these prints... 

WOOOHOOO! I cannot wait to get started. I am just waiting on my book and some solids and I will get going soon! The book should arrive by June 25th (ahh!) so stay tuned!

I just thought that I'd give you a little peak into our garden pickings this morning....mmmmmmmmm!



  1. Your cat cracks me up!! At our house, we have a saying that the cat always looks for the person with the busiest lap--ie: the person who is reading, doing homework, or sewing; not just sitting and watching TV. Apparently, your cat was a quilter in another life?
    Deb from
    PS: I LOVE your fabrics. Your quilt will be marvelous. I am guessing the Farmer's Wives from the book would be drooling if they could see the fabrics emulating their stories!

  2. Oh. My. Fabric Goodness. Lauren, you chose the most gorgeous fabrics. Now I'm excited for your book to arrive so that you can get started and show us your progress.