Monday, September 19, 2011

A little fall decor

 Woo hoo!

As part of our upcoming one year wedding anniversary, hubby and I decided to throw ourselves a housewarming party. We just had it this past weekend and it was WONDERFUL!

In anticipation of the party, we got a ton of things done around the house. It was nice because we had a goal, get the house looking proper before the party. Which meant, that box of crap couldn't sit in the middle of the floor for long. Put away that box of crap.

Anyway. This was the first weekend that our house really felt like home. My sister came to town with her boyfriend to help get the place in party mode. We had a fire going in the living room from Friday @ 5:00 through Sunday (and actually still going right now). Everything was finally put into place, no tripping over boxes and bags and stuff. We were almost desperate for this party to get our house together.

In anticipation of the party, I did some flower shopping! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh flowers. Now that we have a house, I am going to buy fresh flowers whenever I want because they will have a nice pretty place to sit. Maybe I'll even put some in the laundry room, that might make it a happier place to be. lol. It was funny, because not only did we (my sister and I) make 6 pretty bouquets, but a few people actually brought us flowers as gifts. How lovely! The picture below is a collection of all flowers after the party.

Here are our favorite bouquets. They are just soooo pretty. Don't they kind of resemble the Garden Party quilt that I blogged about before? Hmm... I must be attracted to these jewel tones.

 In my daily attempt to be Martha, I bought tons of gourds and tiny little pumpkins to decorate the house with. The big gourds seen below held the french doors open that  connect the dining room and the screened-in-porch. It really looked fantastic. I tried to decorate our mantle with all of the gourds after the party was over. Here is my attempt.

Look at that gorgeous fire!

Hubby has literally been planted in front of the fireplace since we started all of these fires. He refuses to even sit on the couch.

Is anyone else getting their houses into fall-mode? Are you LOVING it? I should have taken pictures of the cutest little ornamental pepper plants that we put on our front steps. So cute.


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  1. Everything looks just lovely. I'll bet the house smell wonderful with all those flower arrangements.

    And my hubby used to do the same thing when we had a fireplace. He usually had one or two of the children cuddle up with him too. :o)