Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sorry, Chris

I guess that I have never really had them all unpacked and in the same room before, maybe that's why this was a shocker.

I think that there are about 52 pairs total. Do flip flops count as shoes though? I don't REALLY think so.


These are some of my favorites... 

Well, I guess I don't need anymore shoes for a while. You know what though? In that entire heap of shoes, not ONE PAIR of plain black leather pumps. Not one pair! Probably because I rip through a pair every 4 months and then just chuck them. So I will be buying a new pair of pumps, just putting that in the record books.

Don't judge. 



  1. haha love it - so you have a craft room AND a shoe room? lol

  2. This post has me smiling, Lauren. What a fun collection! My shoes are sooooooo boring.

  3. Hey, shoes are fun...why not? Good for you!!