Sunday, May 13, 2012

Garden Update

Hubby and I have gotten into quite the little morning routine now that it's finally nice outside. With our big morning cup of coffee we waltz around the yard and gardens "measuring" the plant growth from the previous day. I thought that on Sundays I would try to take pictures and give you a little update.

Our peonies seem to be doing well. I am sooooooooo excited to see these blooms! I have a feeling they are going to be bright white with some pinky tones, despite their deep colored buds.

Our rhododendrons are also starting to bloom!


Our chives are also doing well. They were transplanted from my inlaws house in CT. Look at those chive blossoms! I am DEFINITELY making this Chive Blossom Vinegar sometime this week, when all of the blooms are at their peak.  Marissa is one of my very favorite bloggers, check out her Food In Jars blog STAT.

 Our rhubarb is thriving in this sunny spot. I have been cutting off stalks as they get big. I have accumulated about 6 ounces already cut up in my freezer. Unfortunately, any recipe worth making calls for about 2-3 lbs of rhubarb, so I might be stocking up on this stuff for a while.

Here is more of the herb I have deemed "Lemon Balm" based on various inquiries and google image searches. Someone PLEASE tell me what to use this in! I really don't want to make it into something edible, I'd rather use it to make a body scrub or soap or lotion; some type of product.

The blooms of what are sure to be our first few strawberries.

These are either red currants or gooseberries. I can't remember which. They are planted right next to one another.

 Our wild blackberries are doing realllllyyy well.

Our peas are doing well too. They haven't grown too much in the past week, we are in desperate need of some good sunshine here in NY. Sounds like we'll be getting some this week.

Look at our onions!

Potatoes! I think that these are red potatoes.


"Tango" leaf lettuce!

"Romanesco" Broccoli, looking good!


"Liberty" apples on our semi-dwarf tree!!!!!!!! There are literally probably 100 or so mini apples on this tree. I know that we are in for some real heartache because the tree will drop a lot of those apples so it only focuses on the very best, but seeing all of those little buds is still pretty exciting.

Nasturtiums are planted all around the beds for each tree (5 trees), around our lamppost, and in some pots on our porch;  they are ubiquitous is our yard. My Husband says that they are supposed to be amazing in salads (both the Lilypad-like leaves and the pretty blooms). I can't wait. From the sounds of it we will be eating "Nasty" salads all summer.

Our clematis is climbing up this trellis all on its own. The leaves are so pretty. They are a bright chartreuse with a deep red outlining the leaves.


There's our latest weekly garden update. Hope you enjoyed. Despite all of the yummy food we are growing, I am most excited about these beauties to come:



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  1. it's coming along so beautifully! i cant believe the growth since i was there - literally shocking!!! i love that you and chris have a morning ritual of coffee and a walk out in the garden - keep planning and start talking HEDGES :) xoxo