Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Andddddd I have a closet!

The very first room we are tackling in our new house is definitely our Master Suite. In that room we have a bedroom, walk-in closet, and full bath. We've lived here for almost a year now and are making a big push to get things organized and in place, and figure out what furniture and other things we need to purchase. Of course, getting things organized starts with getting our closet organized!!! Duhhhh. Should have been the first thing we did, but, ya know. 

We have lived in our first house for almost a year now (July 28th to be exact). Although you cannot tell from the picture below, this closet was very bizarrely laid out. It is a very small closet to begin with, so we had to change the layout entirely to really capitalize on the space. 

I tried to draw you up a little sketch in Paint with the layout BEFORE we ripped everything off the walls. As you can see, layout doesn't make any sense at all. Maybe it is because I really don't hang clothes. WAY to lazy for that. WAYYYY too lazy to hang everything.

Luckily, my Husband is super handy and we planned out the closet so it would suit both of our needs.  Here is the layout that we planned.

After a good 2 coats of a pretty mustardy-yellow, repainting the moulding, and adding several shelves, this closet finally suits our needs. It is sooooooooo much better! Not to gloat, but don't our hardwood floors look awesome with the wall color??!! I just love how they pop.

In case you need some motivation to re-do your closet, JUST DO IT. It will change your life :). 

I won't count this as an item off of The Bucket List until the entire Master Bedroom has been rehabbed. Only then will I officially call it complete. Hope you enjoyed! 


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  1. Can you please post a photo with the clothes put back in it? I would like to see how the shelves enhanced the organization. Thanks! Looks great!