Saturday, July 28, 2012

I am a list maker


My name is Lauren and I am a list maker. 

I make lists for everything. 
  • Food. 
  • Cleaning. 
  • Organizing. 
  • Shopping.
  • Work. 
  • Crafting.
And apparently I make lists of my lists. 

As you friends out there know, we bought our first home exactly 1 year ago today! Very exciting!

Since we moved in, we have done a few things with our completely blank slate of a house.

We've stripped wallpaper. 
We re-did our closet. 
We made some cushions for our outdoor furniture.
We got outdoor furniture. 

For some unknown reason, in all of my list-making haste, I never ever made a list of all things home-makeover related. 

My work schedule has been crazyyyyyyyyyyy lately. With my limited free time, I only have enough to spare for 1 or 2 small projects a week. But I get so overwhelmed when I come home, because there are 1,000,000,000000000 things to do, that I can't see past the big stuff and actually make headway with the smaller things that are easier to accomplish. 

So I had to do something to organize my home-makeover related life.

Naturally, I made a list. 

I decided that I would open up excel, add a tab for each room in the house, and just type my little heart out. I tried to list out every little item that I could possibly think of, almost to the point of annoyance. 

I am trying to be really good about things for the house and only work on one or two rooms at a time. Given that, right now I am trying to get the Master Bedroom finished. Here is my List for the Master Bedroom...don't judge. 

I will try and get you guys some progress pics soon! Everytime I go to take photos, my battery is dead and then I put the camera down and forget to charge the battery until the next time I go to use it. It is a sick cycle. 

No. Project/Task Status Need? Est. Cost
1 Pick a wall color and paint the walls. Dark olive-y green Done-zo 2 gallons Filoliol Yew from Valspar Paint Primer in one $75.00
2 Find bedroom furniture. Ladies Dresser, highboy, and nightstands. Done-zo Furniture $250.00
3 Paint the ceiling Done-zo 1 gallon ceiling paint $15.00
4 Paint the moulding antique white... the eternal debate! Antique white vs bright white. Done-zo Glidden Trim & Door $40.00
5 Pick out a BED! Done-zo Ethan Allen Bed $1,500.00
6 Lamps for our nightstands. Preferable antique brass bases to match hardware Done-zo Lamps! $150.00
7 Lamp for our ladies dresser Done-zo Lamp! $100.00
8 Need pillow shams for the bed. Queen Size or King Size? Not sure. Need to pick out fabric too. Maybe fabric that matches the chair/bench Not Started Fabric, and maybe piping $100.00
9 Touch up wall paint near top moulding, especially near the doorways Not Started Paintbrush $3.00
10 Get the Ethan Allen sticker off the floor Not Started Nothing Free
11 Get a box/block or something that can elevate the TV up a few inches so that I can see over my boobs when laying down and so that the plant doesn't block the signal Not Started Box/Block $10.00?
12 Make/Find bookends for the Shakespeare collected on the highboy. Potentially use the porcelain balls from Xmas Tree Shops. Maybe use two pieces of moulding mitered together and the ball in between? Not Started 1) Moulding 2) e6000 glue (have this somewhere? 3) Stain for moulding & foam brush $15.00
13 Buy and cut a rug pad for the bedroom rug Not Started Rug Pad $30.00 ?
14 Fix nightstand lamps so that the shades are level Not Started Nothing Free
15 Buy a TV for our bedroom Done-zo TV! $300.00
16 Decorate the dresser and highboy with things already around the house. Vanity items, jewelry boxes, other pretty things. Done-zo Stuffff around the house. Free
17 Get a plant!

18 Order and replace the missing/broken Drexel hardware for our highboy and dresser Not Started Hardware $100.00
19 Make a decision on frigging curtain rods/hardware. I have 2 sets of double rods, but they are brushed pewter. Am I spray painting these brass? Or just using them as is? Test out various brass spray paints and do it. Not Started Spray Paint $8.00
20 Steam the curtains that I already bought. Get wrinkles out. Possibly wash and dry these because they are about 2 inches too long. Wash and dry? Or just deal with the length? Not Started Nothing Free
21 Purchase the leaded glass window dangly thing for our bedroom window, or possibly each bathroom window? Not Started Leaded glass art $100.00
22 Find a bench for underneath the window. Something on craigslist maybe? Needs to be wide and narrow. Not Started 1) Bench 2) Fabric to recover bench $300.00
23 Get a wing chair for the corner of the bedroom. Craigslist maybe? Needs to be taller than the dresser. Not Started 1) Chair 2) Fabric to recover in $400.00
24 Need a new lampshade for the blue lamp on the dresser. Needs to be a little wider and taller. 12 height x 15 wide. Not Started Lampshade $30.00 ?
25 Pick a wedding picture for our portrait and hang in our bedroom Not Started Picture and frame $250.00
26 Get artwork for above the highboy... some type of collection of a few photos or something Not Started Artwork $50.00

What do you home owners do to stay organized/not overwhelmed in your new home? I would GREATLY appreciate any tips/tricks/best practices!!


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