Friday, July 6, 2012


Hiiii! We have been thoroughly enjoying our garden. Hubbs is out there for probably 3 hours a day, minimum. I think that if he could, he would sit out there all day and just watch the plants grow. I don't have a full blown garden update, but I can show you the last of the lettuce that we harvested, and some carrots. 

Here is our Big Boston lettuce and some carrots! The carrots were pretty small, smaller than we anticipated. Chris (Husband) said that our soil was soooooo sooooo hard that the carrots might not have been able to get through. Same thing happened to our beets and radishes, that didn't even make their way to the blog because they were nothing. 

Our Big Boston was amazing. I am not sure if it was supposed to form a tighter head, but either way there was plenty of lettuce for a salad. 

The other lettuces we had growing in the garden were Flame and Tango. They were both leaf lettuces, rather than head like the Big Boston. This was the final time we harvested those two lettuces, we have probably had 5 salads total from the leaf lettuce. Here is the last of it, and man does it look amazing!! It really did so well. 



There is our most recent harvest. We have also harvested bush peas, not sure of the variety, but we ate them raw in salads and they were deliciously sweet.

Hope you enjoyed!


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