Monday, November 15, 2010

Figgy Rail Fence Quilt Beginnings

This weekend I had an entire Saturday to myself and I had the chance to use a stack of precuts that I bought, umm, 2 years ago? The fabrics came in a kit to paper piece a Grandmother's Apron quilt. I really didn't feel like doing that though. I used the fabric but totally changed the pattern and really love how it came out.

First things first.... fabric from the kit I bought:

(it consisted of 80 precut 2.5 x 6.5 pieces, and some 2 x 8 strips, and some fabric yardage)

Then, I decided to make rail fence blocks out of the 2.5 x 6.5 strips:


(seams pressed)

(seams pressed, squared up, and threads cut)

Playing around with the layout:

All stitched together:

(stitched and pressed)

(laid out on the guest bed)

 Adding sashing strips:

(white Kona Cotton sashing strips added)

(corner blocks added to white sashing, and a blue border being added)

Adding corner blocks to the blue border:

(string piecing for some checkerboard corner blocks)

(cutting and pressing the checkerboard strips)

(4 checkerboard blocks pieced, finished 6 x 6 block for the border corners)

A fully pieced Figgy Rail Fence Quilt:

(with an appearance from Tobias)

(a final pressing of the quilt top)

 (me, showing off the quilt top)

The finished size will be a 46 x 46 square. I have no idea what size that is, maybe a crib quilt? I'll have to look up the measurements.

Now, all I have left are backing, basting, quilting, binding.... stay tuned!

Happy Crafting,


  1. yay for starting your quilt! it looks great already and it also looks like your cats are thoroughly going to enjoy the quilting process as well :)

  2. Thanks Meryl! The boys are pretty much going crazy over it (and under it, and on top of it).

  3. nice!! how very exciting! you make me want to get a sewing machine. too bad i'd have nowhere to put it/use it.

  4. Lovely quilt top in soft colors! I can see you have a sweet companion that's already enjoying your creation ; )
    Have fun with the finish, too!

  5. Thank you so much for your posts everyone.

    @ LittleThoughts - I tried to send you an email message thanking you for your post, couldn't find one. Thank you very much for your post!