Saturday, November 20, 2010

Recent Knittings

Knitting was the first craft that I ever learned and it for sure has my heart. I taught my first knitting class two weeks ago and tried to teach a group of 7 girlfriends and coworkers how to knit this waffle scarf. Let's just say that it didn't go as well as I anticipated. 2 of the 7 girls caught one and are well on their way to finishing their first scarves in time to gift them for Christmas. 4 of the others really struggled with tension. They knit like they were the angriest people on Earth. I've never had a tension problem, so I really had absolutely no idea what to tell them. Poor girls, I can't imagine how unenjoyable and more difficult it was to knit that tight. I just told them to keep practicing the knit stitch and forget about what it looks like. The last girl was a lefty. Umm, why didn't I ask ahead of time? Needless to say, it took me a while to learn how to knit lefty in order to teach her to knit lefty. I was totally unprepared for that. WOOPS!

I started knitting up 2 of the waffle scarves to gift for Christmas. They aren't done yet, but hopefully will be soon. One will be going to my future-mother-in-law, henceforth referred to as "FMIL". She will be getting the one below. I normally don't use yarn from Michael's (no offense) but as long as my yarn doesn't have any acrylic in it and it is a blend of materials I recognize, I guess I don't care. I used this yarn from Michael's and size 9 straight needles:

The other will go to my sister who is coming home from LONDON for Christmas. I used yarn from Sheepy Hollow farms in Argyle, NY. It is awesome! It is very wooly, so hopefully it will keep her warm while she is strutting around the streets of London:

Hopefully I will finish them today!

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