Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tis the Season...

I did not get my hands on any crafts yesterday, aside from opening my spectacular package blogged about yesterday. Why, you ask? Because we finally put up our tree!

Some pictures (before I realized I should turn the tree lights on):

Some of my favorite ornaments:

Tree with COLORED LIGHTS on (note that I DESPISE colored lights, but this is my husband's tree from before we got married, so this will be our last year with colored lights. I like the ornaments shining and colorful, not the lights:

More favorite ornaments:

(the Christmas pickle)

(more owl!)

(our Jim Shore nativity)

(our little snow owls)

Notice that in the pictures of the Christmas Tree, there is no tree skirt or Christmas stockings.... hmm...I feel guilty about this. My husband will be away this weekend, maybe I will stay holed up in our apartment and get to work!

I really like these stockings @ Simplify blog.


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