Friday, May 13, 2011

Garden Party Quilt Top

I have completely fallen in love with this quilt. I am sure that no one could really understand what I was trying to explain in my last email about it, but this is my modern take on a traditional log cabin quilt with larger scale prints.

The center block is 15 x15 and therefore each piece is 15 inches wide x some increment of 15. Overall, the top is 60x60inches. I think that this will be a great lap quilt. Just looking at this picture right now I realized I messed up the placement of 2 strips. Bahhhh! Definitely NOT taking that apart.

Some action shots for you...

Finished with the top! Do you love it as much as I do???

Does anyone have any quilting suggestions? I am not really sure what I should do. Maybe I should stipple the eggplant with purple-ish thread. Then, maybe do some type of straight-line quilting for the patterned pieces. Hmmm......



  1. what a spectacular design! I love it!! Take advantage of the purple expanse for some fun quilting. Otherwise, go with your seems to have worked for you so far!!

    Deb from

  2. the colors are great! i feel like it is a cheerful color combo....looking at the quilt will always put you in a good mood! :)