Monday, May 23, 2011


I am now positive that I have some form of A.D.D. 100% positive. 

I think that I might have mentioned this a few posts ago, but Hubbs and I started looking at houses last month. We haven't even put in an offer on a house or taken a second look at a house yet, but we have sat down and discussed almost every aspect of every single home from furniture placement to what and how we would remodel. We've gone to furniture stores, lowes, home depot and looked at lighting, flooring, cabinetry, appliances, and even toilets. We've researched the cost of putting a privacy fence or arborvitaes around a corner lot, building a greenhouse addition, adding spiral staircases to a finished attic, finishing an attic, replacing radiator heat, building patios and decks, replacing garage windows, and remodeling an entire kitchen. It has taken about 3 weeks to realize that we are being ridiculous.

I think that I am one of those people who thinks of something briefly and then I NEED TO KNOW everything about it. I know every fact about each home that is for sale in our target town. 

As exciting as it may seem, this is seriously getting in the way of my life. It has got to stop. We've ordered Martha Stewart furniture catalogs, Pella window pamphlets, signed up for magazine subscriptions, and lots of other unnecessary things.

Anyway. I am going to slow down a bit and start crafting again. I think that I am making myself dizzy.



  1. I'm not a therapist...but maybe what you are dealing with is more of an OCD type problem? Obessessive Compulsive Disorder. It comes from anxiety. I am guessing you might have difficulty making decisions or are worried about making the WRONG decision? So in order to quell the anxiety, then you research the heck out of a topic...yet you really don't feel any farther along. The anxiety/fear of making a wrong decision is still there. I think once you take it easy and as you said "slow down a bit" you will find your way out the vortex! Good luck house hunting--when the right one comes along, your guts will tell you!!

    Deb from

  2. OCD... that sounds about right! I have seriously terrible with making decisions, you nailed it!