Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Collection from High School

My mom came for a visit a bit ago and brought along with her all the pottery I made in high school. I brought a few pieces to work so that I can add some personal touches to my office, but the rest sits at home and each piece assumes a spot somewhere. 

I realized that I should have taken pictures of each piece and how it is being used in our home, but I didn't.

Here are a few more photos of some of my favorites:

 (I kind of want to make this into some sort of lazy susan for our future kitchen table with it.)

 (I don't know why, but I used this bowl for cereal almost every day in high school after I made it. It turns out that I wrote the name of the glaze I used on the bottom of each piece, and this one was "sassy orange")

 (A little pitcher. It is so sad because I completely forgot to glaze the inside of the pitcher, which means we can never use it. Maybe I can find a local shop and throw some clear glaze on it and re-fire it)

 (I think that this glaze was called "firebird")

 (This is a little wonky, but oh well! Anyone that has ever made a coil pot knows that it is not the easiest thing ever)

 (A tiny little bud vase)

These two pieces are my absolute favorite. I am probably more attracted to them because I made them when I got a little better and they are more even than the other pieces of pottery. See for yourself.
 (This was made with "Plum Jelly" and is my favorite glaze of them all. I love the colors. Yet again, I never glazed the inside, and therefore it can never be used.)

(I also really love this one. This is for sure the most perfect of anything I have ever made on the wheel. The glaze on this perfect little piece is called "Snapdragon")


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