Monday, May 9, 2011

Our Indoor Garden

My husband is quite the gardener and he is rubbing off on me. We live in an apartment right now, so we have a cute little indoor garden. 

These are our microgreens. Chris (husband) loves microgreens. In this pot there are mustard microgreens. We've already had them on a few salads, they are super flavorful and extremely healthy for you. We bought all of our microgreen seeds from this great group of people called the Sprout People.

We've had an aerogarden for a while now. We've grown herbs, hot peppers, and lettuces. Right now we are just started a variety of cherry tomatoes:

Here is our first attempt at microgreens. These are called Cress. We definitely didn't plant the batch thick enough. They were SUPER tasty, but we've already devoured them:

Chris got me this great cactus garden for my birthday this year (in January) and I just haven't had the chance to bring it in to work:

That's what we grow indoors. Stay tuned to see what we are planting in our balcony garden!


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